CityMusic Cleveland relies on your support to ensure that everyone in Northeast Ohio has access to great music and art! Your tax-deductible gift helps CityMusic present FREE concerts, providing a wonderful cultural experience for young families, children, seniors, and everybody in between! By sharing the arts, we strengthen our communities. Your generosity makes this possible! Thank you for helping CityMusic Cleveland provide concerts and art exhibits that are FREE FOR ALL in Northeast Ohio!

You can make a secure credit card donation online by pressing this button:


You may also send a check by mail to:
CityMusic Cleveland, PO Box 1930, Cleveland, OH 44106.

CityMusic Cleveland is a tax-exempt, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts are tax-deductible, according to law. Thank you very much!

Does your company have a Matching Gifts Program?
Enjoy greater privileges, while you increase the impact of your contribution, through your company's matching gift program. Ask your human resources manager or benefits administrator to see if your company will match your gift. Simply send in the completed form with your check. Mail to: PO Box 1930, Cleveland, OH 44106.

Remember CityMusic Cleveland in Your Year-End Tax Plans
As you reflect on your year-end tax plans, please consider a gift to CityMusic Cleveland before December 31st. The easiest and most common way in which people support CityMusic Cleveland is through cash gifts. They are often fully deductible up to 50% of your adjusted gross income. Simply make an online donation with the DONATE NOW button above, or send your check, payable to CityMusic Cleveland.

Even in today's unpredictable financial markets, many people own appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investments. You can contribute them directly to CityMusic Cleveland and enjoy extra tax savings . These gifts are generally deductible from income taxes at their full value (if owned for more than a year) and you can avoid capital gains tax that would otherwise be due upon sale. Qualified assets given to CityMusic Cleveland are deductible in amounts up to 30% of your adjusted gross income.

Larger gifts of cash or other property made this year can generate future savings as well. Any unused deductions may be used in as many as six future tax years.

As we all know, some investments have decreased in value over time. Although disappointing, this situation can actually provide another opportunity to give. Consider selling the investment and making a deductible gift with the cash proceeds. The loss may create a tax deduction on top of the one you will already receive for your contribution. The combined deductions could even amount to more than the current value of the investment!

Your accountant or tax professional can help you make the best decision and guide you further in considering the timing and manner of your gift. For further information about contributing to CityMusic Cleveland, please call Eugenia Strauss, Executive Director, at 216.321.8273.

CityMusic Cleveland concerts are made possible by audience contributions.

CityMusic Cleveland

CityMusic Cleveland is a professional chamber orchestra that performs free concerts throughout Northeast Ohio,often accompanied by exhibits of local artwork.

Since exploding onto the scene in 2004, CityMusic Cleveland has won cheering audiences with beautiful music, brilliantly performed in familiar neighborhood settings.
FREE concerts - FREE childcare - make CityMusic concerts accessible to everyone!

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